What we offer …

Rediscover with us the most authentic spirit of the island where the identity of Anacapri opens its arms to a slower tourism rich in traditions.
Maze of alleys away from the crowd that wind through the houses of the premises where you can breathe an air of authenticity.
You will be accompanied on a visit to one of the most beautiful churches in Italy, the Church of San Michele which, with its brightly colored majolica floor, will leave you enchanted …. a masterpiece within a masterpiece!
The time available allows, if you want, the possibility of being accompanied in the visit of the other places of greatest interest in the area.

Any admissions are not included.

What to visit?

  • Briefly
    • Seggiovia M.Solaro (Center of Anacapri)
    • Villa Axel Munthe (Center of Anacapri)
    • Casa Rossa (Center of Anacapri)
    • Villa Damecuta (Anacapri)
    • Grotta Azzurra (Anacapri)

The following tour can be done individually or combined with others according to your needs

  • Confortable shoes are highly reccomended

Chairlift to Monte Solaro

The chair lift to Monte Solaro is a must, in 15 minutes with single chairs you will reach the top at 589 a.s.l. and from there you will have a stunning view on Anacapri, Capri town and all the Gulf of Naples and its islands Ischia, Procida and the Gulf of Salerno with the Amalfi coast. The ride will fill your eyes with beauty and your heart with peace, nature and its colors, the deep blue sea, the lush vegetation and the blinding withe of the houses will leave you breathless.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

Villa Axel Munthe

It is a historical residence planned on the late 19th century by a Swedish Doctor Axel Munthe and it was built on the ruins of one of the roman villas on the rocky ridge above the door that was once the entrance to the upper village of Anacapri ,right on top of the “Scala fenicia” , its beautiful garden is one of the most important in italy. The interior of the house is full of historical artcrafts and is a memento of this very special man who loved this island ,helped its inhabitants and tried to preserve its fauna and history.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

Casa Rossa

Built by the end of the 19th century by John Clay Mackowen,an american southern colonel, the house is one of the most original on the island. The house was built around a square tower placed in defence of the village against saracene raids. Now it is a museum with the statues found in the blue grotto in the mid 1900 and a picture gallery with old paintings of Capri.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

Villa Damecuta

The ruins of the Roman Villa stand on the north-east side of the island and now are in a pine forest. It was built during Giulio-Claudia period and abandoned after the eruption of Vesuvius. Easy to combine with a nice trekking walk along the Fortini path from the lighthouse of Punta Carena till the Blue Grotto on the all west coast of Capri.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

Blue Grotto

It is the only grotto of the island to be considered a museum.
Ancient nymphaeum dating to roman time, it has bright blue water because of the sun light through the entrance.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BOOK THE VISIT because the weather conditions must be checked.
You have to pay a ticket at the entrance.
It is possible to enter only with small rowing boats because the passage is just 1 meter high. You have to follow the regulation of the staff in charge of the service.
There are two ways to reach the Blue Grotto:

  • One from Anacapri by bus or taxi than you have to pay for the entrance to the Grotto. There is a staircase of 100 steps to reach the rowing boats.
  • The second way is from the harbour: a motor boat brings you next to the rowing boats.

When you reach the rowing boat you have to wait your turn both if you come by car or by motorboat. Since the Blue Grotto is the most popular attraction on the island it may take some time to wait in line in order to enter.

Entrance fee Euro p.p. + transportation (by car or motorboat to reach the entrance).

Church of St. Michael

St. Michael Archangel church in Anacapri is a real find, artistically the richest, the brightest church on the island.

Built at the end of 17th century it’s a joyfull expression of the baroque style of that time. The church paintings, its shrines, its stuccos and beautiful marbles almost all disappear dazzled by the colors of the unique majolica floor. The history of the building is linked  to that of the nun Suor Madre Serafina. She was able to found five convents between Capri and Sorrento peninsula, she considered herself a “servant of God” and is burried in the former cathedral in Capri.

Last but not least, one invaluable collection of “Pastori”, original carachter of the Neapolitan Presepe, is displayed in the sacresty.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

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