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The island of Capri is a mixture of history, culture and natural wonders.

The area of ​​Mount Solaro is inhabited by luxuriant vegetation made up of almost 900 different species, while the “path of the forts” appears as a path that runs along the sea from the Blue Grotto to the Punta Carena lighthouse between rock frames, sculptural promontories and bays as deep as fjords with turquoise waters.

Extraordinary is the experience that you have reaching Pizzolungo in the vicinity of the Natural Arch, a rocky structure formed on the island itself following of exogenous and endogenous erosive processes that have affected the rocks.

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What to visit?

  • Briefly
    • M.Solaro
    • The path of the Forts
    • Pizzolungo and Natural Arch

The following tour can be done individually or combined with others according to your need

Mount Solaro

Duration: 2 hours circa
Difficulty: Moderate with steep stretches on trails

This is the most spectacular hike for those who love to be away from civilization, at least for a while, for those who love nature.
A demanding phisycal activity rewarding with unusual, unforgettable and breathtaking views of the island.

The altitude and the cliffs formations are offering amazing views meanwhile surrounded by an almost intact nature, eventhough are noticeable many traces left by locals during their farming activities of the past.

Reaching and crossing Cetrella’s valley can be both a very spiritual and romantic experience in one of the most beloved places by the islanders. The Mediterranean vegetation is carachterized by chestnuts trees, brooms and in particular during the spring by many wild flowers including orchids.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

P.S. – Confortable shoes are highly reccomended

The path of the Forts

Duration: 4 hours circa
Difficulty: Moderate on rocky paths

This walk develops along the western coast of the island in Anacapri territory between the blue Grotto and the Punta Carena’s lighthouse.
Spend an interesting day surrounded by nature always in sight of the sea beeing this one the only coastal hike on the island.

The old british forts will be beautiful outlook and resting points at the time.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

P.S. – Confortable shoes are highly reccomended

Pizzolungo and Natural Arch

Duration: 2 hours circa
Difficulty: Moderate with many steps on paved paths

The itinerary follow the island’s coastline on its south eastern side between Tragara area and the Natural arch, some quite impressive architecturescaves and archeological remains along the way overlooking the Faraglioni Rocks and to the mainland as far as the Amalfi Coast. The walk gives the chance to mention talesstories and legends and takes you away from the town centre and still very close.

Entrance fee Euro p.p.

P.S. – Confortable shoes are highly reccomended

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